I know how it is.

I know how it feels to be left. By myself. Alone. I know how it feels to be betrayed by a friend. Something - someone - you trusted. I know how it is. I know the denial. The pain. The anger. The urge for vengeance.

I know how it is to be hurt beyond belief.

I fucking got shampoo in my eye.


People do not understand rape at all, I swear. It doesnt matter how far the assault goes, it doesn’t matter how unconcious the person was. No matter what, it takes something huge away from the victim. No matter big or how small of a difference, that person will never be the same. No matter how serious court officials think the case, that one truth will always remain. Rape hurts. Rape should not be taken lightly. STOP BELITTING RAPE AND SEXUAL ASSAULT

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